Oral Surgery

When it comes to oral surgery, you can rely on Pacific Dental Smiles to provide you the best dental service without breaking the budget.  These services include wisdom tooth extractions, implants, bone grafts and many more. 

Wisdom teeth or third molars develop during late teens and early 20s and generally develop with no issues. However, sometimes it gets impacted and causes several dental issues including pain and swelling.  In this case, oral surgery is required. 

Another type of oral surgery provided at Pacific Dental Smiles is dental implants. Dental implants are designed to replace missing tooth/teeth by surgically attaching an implant on the jawbone. Implants offer stable replacement and are more reliable than other dental  loss replacement options. 

Jaw-related problems such as Temporomandibular joint problems (TMJ) and unequal jaw growth can be fixed through oral surgery. TMJ occurs when the small joints in front of the ear is not functioning properly. This condition can cause facial pain and headaches. Although it can be remedied with physical therapy and/or medication, some cases require surgery. 

Here at Pacific Dental Smiles, our team of expert dentists are trained to minimize pain during oral surgery as well as lessen recovery time.  If you have questions regarding your oral health, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


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