Root Canals

Most patients dread root canal treatment because of extreme pain during procedure. But not with Pacific Dental Smiles.  Our dentists and endodontists are trained to ensure your comfort by minimizing pain and lessening recovery time. Your root canal procedure will be no different  from your regular treatment

What is endodontic treatment or root canal? Root canal is one of the most common ways to save a damaged tooth.  It is used to treat the pulp of the tooth, which consists of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue, that may be infected, inflamed or dead. In a root canal treatment, the pulp of the tooth is extracted while the canals and pulp chamber are filled.  Afterwards, it is sealed to avoid bacteria from entering and causing infection. Root canal is used for various reasons including tooth decay, pain, fracture, trauma, or abscess.

To know whether a patient should go for root canal treatment, an xray of the toothy and via a pulp test. Pulp test is when cold stimulus is exposed to a problem tooth. All teeth will be tested to determine which has the problem. Once diagnosed, the patient is scheduled for treatment. Root canal treatment usually takes 1-2 visits depending on the patient. 

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