Natural Fillings 

Natural fillings became known in America in mid-60’s. Before that, teeth fillings are often made from different types of metal. This resulted in less aesthetically-pleasing appearance.  In addition, metal fillings did not bond with the tooth. They were simply attached on the tooth for protection. 

Thankfully, those days are over.  Because of discoveries on the bond between dentin and enamel, dentists have developed better fillings for better comfort and protection.  Tooth colored fillings are now the go-to treatment for specific dental procedures. It can be used to treat cavities, repair broken or cracked teeth, repair worn down teeth and even replace old  metal fillings. 

According to studies, natural fillings have shown to restore up to 95% of the tooth’s original strength.  Another benefit of natural fillings is it helps lessen tooth sensitivity, and can easily be repaired if it gets damaged. The most commonly-used natural filling is composite resin filling because of durability. A composite refers to a material with filler particles that are bound together by a hard matrix material. A fluid matrix of acrylic is used for composite resin fillings. It is hardened surrounding glass filler particles which forms the composite resin.

We at Pacific Dental Smiles ensures your comfort when undergoing natural filling procedure. It is generally pain-free. For appointments, you may call our office.


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