Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are designed to replace missing teeth and act as a bridge between teeth.  Using bridges not only help improve your physical appearance, it can also aid in ensuring you are able to enjoy the foods you love better. 

A dental bridge consists of two crowns on both sides of the gap, and a false tooth in between.  The teeth on the sides of the gap are called abutment teeth. When someone loses a tooth, it creates a gap which will cause the adjacent teeth to move or shift. This condition can lead to several dental issues including bad bite, crooked teeth, gum disease and/or TMJ. 

Just like dental crowns, patients have an array of options when it comes to bridge.  Pacific Dental Smiles will provide you the affordable dental bridge procedure information you need to make the decision. The location of the gap, appearance and material are all considered carefully.  Materials such as porcelain are easily matched to the teeth’s original color. 

Dental bridges Procedures have the same process as crowning but with additional affordable steps. The procedure starts by preparing and crowning the adjacent teeth. Afterwards, an impression is created as a model for the false tooth. Once the bridge is finished, it is placed on the mouth and adjusted as needed.  The bridge may be temporarily cemented until all adjustments are made then later permanently cement it.


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