Investing in your oral health by having regular check-ups and getting your teeth cleaned every 4 months can do wonders on the appearance of your teeth and smile. 

At Pacific Dental Smiles, our team of professional dentists will assess and offer the most apt dental cleaning procedure for you. The procedure will depend on the amount of plaque, overall gum health and if you are suffering from periodontal disease. 

We offer the following teeth cleaning procedures:

  • Prophy

Prophy refers to regular cleaning often recommended to patients with relatively healthy teeth and gums. It is perfect for cleaning plaque and tartar on teeth and gum line.

  • Gum treatment or deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is recommended to patients with severe gingivitis, tartar deposits below the gum, or those diagnosed with bone disease or bone loss. Deep cleaning is pain-free procedure that can take 1-2 visits depending on the diagnosis. In some cases, irrigation and/or local antibiotics are recommended. 

Regular dental cleaning can help prevent gum disease, a bacterial infection due to plaque build-up.  Plaque bacteria has toxins that irritate the gums which leads to gingivitis and inflammation. Gum inflammation, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss. 

These conditions can easily be prevented by visiting your dentist regularly.


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