About Us

Who we are:

Pacific Dental Smiles chose only the best and most caring dentists and staff to provide the best dental care our neighborhood deserves.

Over the years, Pacific Dental Smiles’ founder Dr. Michael Danial has seen the disparity of dental care between neighborhoods. From his experience, he realized that good dental care are often limited to those living in the most expensive neighborhoods. Although dental services are accessible with several service providers in the area, most focus on quantity and treat people and patients as numbers.  Quality service and personal care are no longer a priority.

We know our neighborhood deserves better service and thus, Pacific Dental Smiles is born. Our goal is to provide our patients the best of both worlds- best possible dental care at an affordable price.  We want our patients to get the best dental care similar to expensive dental care providers and the affordability of factory-like dental clinics. 

We believe that every individual and family in all neighborhoods should have access to modern and high-quality dental care without breaking the budget. Pacific Dental Smiles is just the right place. Our team has the skills and tools to make dental services affordable and accessible to all.

Dr. Michael's Vision:

Dr. Michael Danial was part of City Dental Centers from 2007-2018, and has been practicing dentistry since the year 2000. He has recently decided to focus in Ontario and Santa Ana areas and provide his dental services at Pacific Dental Smiles. His vision is to create a neighborhood dental office where every patient will be treated like family with the most caring, gentle approach.

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